Professional Audio System



Spectrum engineering & Trading  is one of the pioneer providers of professional Audio and Sound Systems products that help our customers

to do more than hear better—they elevate sound into an experience all its own. And they work in just about any setting you can think of,

including classrooms, offices, theaters, tour groups and more. When you become our customer, we’ll support our solutions and you in any way we can,

to make sure you can capture the right sounds and deliver them to your audience.


We Spectrum Engineering & trading can offer you all the following Audio Solutions …………


All Types of Public address systems (Mosques , Schools , Churches ,Banks and all  

    other premises….etc)

Analogue and Digital Conference system

Language Interpretation

Assistive Listening

Sound field Systems

Tour Group                                                                                                                                     


   Shockmounts ,

Wind Protection,

Wired Microphones,      

Wireless Mic Systems,

Headphones & Headsets,

Intercoms systems,

Audio Logging Machines,

Audio Reference Monitors,

Switchers & Recorders ,

Audio Converters,

  Distribution Amplifiers,

Audio Carry Cases,

Audio  XLR Adapters